Billing Options

We’re currently set up to bill your fleet maintenance management service company for Enterprise, Donlen, and GE Fleet. If you use a different fleet service, not to worry! Just let us know ahead of time and we’ll be happy to get in contact with that company to set up an account with them.

If you’d prefer to be billed directly, we have same-day billing capabilities in order to make things as quick and convenient as possible for you. We also accept all major credit cards and company checks.



My Car Doc Car Care Clinic will be happy to pick up your vehicle for services if your home or office is within a five mile radius of The Clinic. There is a $40 fee for this service, however we happily waive $20 of this fee when you have your vehicle serviced on the same visit. If you make the appointment, we pick it up and then you choose not to have the service performed, there will be a $40 fee for the concierge service.
For our Friends and Family Plan members, this fee is ALWAYS waived and our concierge service is free! Ask how you can become a Friends and Family member today!


If the patient (your vehicle) needs a simple scan of a Check Engine Light, The My Car Doc Car Care Clinic will be happy to do that for you for free. However, if your car requires more extensive testing to find out what repairs need to be made, there is a $125 diagnostic fee. If you decide to have My Car Doc Car Care Clinic perform the necessary repairs the same day, we will credit $99 of the diagnostic fee back to your invoice.


After the vehicle has been diagnosed, the owner has a 48 hour period to initiate repairs or remove the vehicle from the property. If the vehicle remains on the property after this 48 hour period, My Car Doc Car Care Clinic will enforce a $25 per day storage fee.
If the total sum of the repairs is over $500, My Car Doc Car Care Clinic’s policy is to get a deposit of half of the total sum. This can be paid with a debit card, credit card, cash or a combination thereof.


My Car Doc Car Care Clinic has a drop box that is well lit on the front of the building. There is a large sign of a key and an arrow pointing to the drop box in order to make it easier to find. This will deposit the keys safely inside the building. As soon as we reopen, My Car Doc Car Care Clinic will begin work or diagnosis of your vehicle.



It’s not My Car Doc Car Care Clinic’s responsibility to make sure you are at work while your vehicle is being repaired. You can rent a car, get a ride from a friend/coworker, get a Lyft or Uber, take a taxi or enjoy our metropolitan bus lines. However, it is still your responsibility both financially and to your employer to be at work, regardless of the status of your vehicle. My Car Doc Car Care Clinic will never ask you to take off work for vehicle repairs and we will go out of our way to work around your schedule to make pickup/drop off and concierge opportunities as convenient as possible.

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